Camp Creek Ranch will soon be home to a fantastic clubhouse featuring a pool, splashpad, pickleball plus outdoor and indoor spaces for events and gatherings. Adjacent to the clubhouse will be Stephens Branch Lake. The lake is currently under construction by the Gulf Beach Development Company.

Our new lake will be stocked by American Sport Fish Hatchery. They grow fish at their hatchery in Alabama that encompasses more than 300 acres with 60 ponds making them one of the largest privately-owned hatcheries and largest producers of live sport fish in the southeast. Stephens Branch will be stocked with Coppernose Bluegill, Redear (Shellcracker) and the F1 Tiger Bass.

The Shellcracker or Redear is a species of sunfish or bream related to the bluegill. This fish is adapted for feeding on snails and other mollusks, in addition to insect larvae. They coexist well with bluegill and do not compete with them for nest sites.

The Coppernose Bluegill is a subspecies of the common bluegill. It is not a hybrid. The Coppernose grows faster and eats pelleted feed more readily than the common bluegill. With our proper management and stocking, it is possible for them to reach sizes in excess of 2 pounds.

Tiger Bass® is a one of a kind fish. They are aggressive and fast-growing. Created by the American Sport Fish hatchery team of scientists, the Tiger Bass® has been specially bred for aggressiveness and fast growth. In well-managed lakes like Stephens Branch Lake, they have consistently gained more than two pounds per year. Biologists refer to this fish as a true F-1, because it is a cross between two pure subspecies of bass: a special strain of aggressive Northern Bass and a pure strain of Florida Bass that comes from a proven trophy line. American Sport Fish is the only hatchery licensed to produce and sell the Tiger Bass®.